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The True Story of St. Christina the Astonishing, the Indestructible Miracle-Woman ---- Lutherís Blasphemy: Christ Committed Adultery 
St Lydwine & the Passion of the Church  23 min (This Saint had every disease except leprosy but would not die!)                    Top Seven Sins That Will Send You To Hell
Saint Vincent Ferrer: The Angel of the Apocalypse! 19 min (St. Vincent performed more than 30 resurrections & countless miracles)
The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano Italy 6.3 min (Bread and wine turn into Jesus' real Flesh & Real Blood)
Zachary King former Satanist, Radio Maria with Fr Dan Hoen *explicit content* 1 hr 37 min                                   Sensus Fidelium (YouTube)    Spirit Daily: Exorcist (Fr. R.) has seen extreme manifestations
Video: Priest Scheier Condemned to Hell by Jesus (3 min 28 sec)  | Priest Scheier gives Interview to Mother Angelica
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 New Melleray Abbey Retreat Center Dubuque Iowa by Cistercian Monks 

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 Spanish Inquisition was 99% Myth (BBC)  | The Protestant Inquisition | Healing Missions by Fr. Greg Bramlage                                                                                        Outlook
How Liberals really feel about black people.
President Trump works as a Waiter at his own Hotel                                                                                  
Donald Trump (Business Motivation Speech) in De Pere, WI at St. Norbert Catholic College