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Few people in America hate the Catholic religion, but many people hate what they mistakenly believe
is the Catholic religion, and that if what is hated really were the Catholic religion, Catholics would hate it, too.

                                                                                                                                             ~ Bishop Fulton Sheen ~

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 Revert (55 min)     |   Judaism (56 min)   |   Presbyterian (56 min)    |   Baptist (56 min)   |  Tim Staples   |   Donald Calloway  | Revert  | Baptist  |  Muslim Convert 

 Consecration to Jesus by Saint Louis De Montfort                

 Who did this Consecration? Pope John Paul II (before he became a priest) • Mother Theresa of Calcutta • Mother Angelica • Franciscan Monks .. & others
 If you are serious about doing the 5 week Saint Louis De Montfort Consecration e-mail me. I can help you.
 Learn about the Saint Louis De Montfort Consecration by watching 3 DVDs. To order by phone 1-800-558-5452
 1. True Devotion: To Jesus Through Mary with Fr. Robert Fox 60 minutes  /  The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima (DVD)
 2. In the Heart of Mary - Pt 1 with Dan Lynch, Fr. Lance Harlow 60 minutes            
 3. In the Heart of Mary - Pt 2 with Dan Lynch, Fr. Lance Harlow 60 minutes              
 Required Books for the Saint Louis De Montfort Consecration - Schedule: Choose a Day for the Consecration
 1. True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis De Montfort (Translated by Fr. Faber) ISBN: 9780895552792    
 2. The Secret of Mary by St. Louis De Montfort   3. The Imitation of Christ by Thomas ΰ Kempis    4. Catholic Bible: Ignatius Holy Bible RSV              
 Consecration to Jesus Optional Books & CD
 The Secret of the Rosary by St. Louis De Montfort | The Love of Eternal Wisdom
 Consecration to Jesus Chain, Medal & Chaplet | Montfort Missionaries
 Queen of All Hearts Medal  The Little Crown Chaplet  | Consecration Chain Bracelet
 The Little Crown Chaplet Prayer-Booklet.pdf (Print both sides of the same page than fold)
 St. Louis De Montfort Biographies (Both biographies are very good)
 St. Louis De Montfort (short biography)   by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (Read before Consecration) *****
 The Man Called Montfort by Fr. Bolger (Read after Consecration-Detailed life biography) *****
 St. Louis De Montfort Other Related Books
 St. Louis De Montfort's' favorite book while he was in the seminary: The Holy Ways of the Cross Scanned version only. Download & bring to print shop.
 The Life of the Baron de Renty St. Louis De Montfort refers to Renty in his book. Scanned version only. Download & bring to print shop. Make 5.5 x 8.5 booklet.
 Devotion to the Nine Choirs of Holy Angels  Fr. Bob loved this book. Scanned version only. Download & bring to print shop. Make 5.5 x 8.5 booklet.

 Ferdinand & Barbara Roccanti    

 Ferdinand Roccanti - Art |  Focus (Catholic) TV Worldwide | Video: Garabandal Spain


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 The Baltimore Catechism | Code of Catholic Canon Law | Online version of "The Imitation of Christ"
 Conversion story: Fr. Donald Calloway (Video)  |   Conversion story: Fr. Donald Calloway (Book)  |


 Caritas  Conferences (Totally Yours)  Rekindle the Fire


 Purgatory by Fr O'Sullivan.mp3 (55 min - 9.5 MB)  Books by Fr. Paul O'Sullivan

 Written Transcript - Purgatory & How to Avoid Purgatory | How to Avoid Purgatory (TAN)

 Susan Tassone - Souls in Purgatory  | Gregorian Masses for Holy Souls In Purgatory | Gregorian Mass: What is it?

 Video1: Purgatory is in the Bible (11 min) | Video2: Purgatory (11 min) | Video3: Catholic vs. Protestant Bible (5 min)
 Video: How To Avoid Purgatory by Mother Angelica

 Father Peter Rookie | Video: The Miracle Prayer

 Father Peter Rookie | Prayer Requests | Healing Catholic Priest call 708-748-6279

 Shopping    Catholic Stores near you 

 The Nuns Gift Shop Hanceville Alabama  EWTN Religious Catalogue  Abbey Press | Good Deed Beads | Lourdes Catholic Store
 Mystic Monk Coffee - MM Donations  The Catholic Company  Rosary Mart  |  Rosary and Chaplets | Isenheim Altar Piece by Matthias Grunewald Video
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 Pray the Rosary Rose Garden  Lewis Rosary Parts  Rosary Twine | Size #18 (174 lbs) | #9 (86 lbs)
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 Famous Catholics | Catholic Demographics | Catholics on the Supreme Court USA  |  Catholic Family Land
 Coming Home Network & Books by Marcus Grodi convert & host of Journey Home Monday night 8 PM on EWTN.
 Catholic Charismatic Renewal | As by a New Pentecost | Peter Herbeck | Guide | When the Spirit Speaks | ND Map
 Catholic Online  Catholic Prayers  The Staircase: Loretto Chapel Santa FE NM
 Solanus Casey Center  Popes | Retreat..  Bloomington IN  Saint Meinrad Monastery (Southern Indiana)
 The Miracle of the Holy House of Loretto - The Little Crown of The Blessed Virgin Mary Chaplet Prayer - Apparitions

 Bibles & Catechism      Bible: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

 Council of Carthage (A.D. 419) Canon # 24 The books of the Bible are made official by the Catholic Church.
 The Great Adventure: Bible Study ... by Jeff Cavins
 Catechism of the Catholic Church is an official exposition of the teachings of the Catholic Church.
 Bible: Father Corapi recommends Revised Standard Version (RSV) - Catholic Edition or The Navarre Bible
 Ignatius Holy Bible Used by Priests at Mother Angelica's Shrine.
 The New American Bible Used at Catholic Mass.
 Books Rejected from the Bible: The Apocalypse of Peter, Letter of Clement to the Corinthians, The Didache also known as The Teaching of the Apostles, The Letter of Barnabas, The Acts of Peter, The Acts of Paul, The Acts of John, The Apocalypse of Paul and so on…
 Where We Got the Bible by Bishop Henry G. Graham Great Book on the Bible! (Amazon)
 The Facts about Luther by Patrick F O'Hare  
 Which Came First, the Church or the Bible?.mp3 Great Talk on the Bible!

 Apologetics The branch of theology concerned with the defense of Christianity. Does not mean "I'm sorry".

 Catholic Answers - Patrick Madrid - Tim Staples - Holy Apostles College & Seminary - Bible Christian Society: John Martignoni


 Prayer Book for Single Sided Print.pdf      Prayer Book for Double Sided Print.pdf        Exorcism Blessings
 How to Pray the Rosary (PDF)
 Rosary Prayers for Printing on Business Cards (PDF) Print prayers on "Avery Business Cards 8371 or 5376 or equivalent.
 How to Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet (PDF) - The Divine Mercy Novena (PDF) - Gregorian Chant
 Video1: Divine Mercy Chaplet | Video2: Divine Mercy Chaplet (Monstrance)
 Divine Mercy & Misc Prayers for Printing on Business Cards (PDF) Print prayers on "Avery Business Cards 8371 or 5376 or equivalent.
 Business Card Case The Avion Leather Card Case by Wenger WA-5768-02 $9.99 at Office Max.

 Books (Spiritual Perfection)  Novels & Fiction Recommendations

 The Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Hell, Heaven - (Tan Books)
 Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence by Father Jean Baptiste Saint-Jure and Saint Claude de la Colombiere - (Amazon)
 Treatise on The Spiritual Life by Saint Vincent Ferrer
 The Spiritual Combat by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli
 How to Converse Continually and Familiarly with God by Saint Alphonsus Liguori
 Preparation for Death by Saint Alphonsus Liguori
 An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory
 Begone Satan by Father Carl Vogl
 Mary Crushes the Serpent (Sequel to Begone Satan)  

 Books (Favorites)

 Vision Series - 30 Books of Saints Easy to read short books on the lives of Saints.
 In Conversation with God: Meditations for Each Day of the Year $129.65 - Recommended by Fr. Corapi (Prayer Meditations)
 Essential Catholic Survival Guide This book really helps you learn the Catholic faith with interesting information about other religions.
 Catholicism for Dummies This book gives a thorough explanation of what Catholics believe in layman's terms.
 Mother Angelica Biography Founder of EWTN. $11.20 by Raymond Arroyo. EWTN The Global Catholic Network.
 Mother Angelica's Little Book of Life Lessons  |  Mother Angelica's Private and Pithy Lessons from the Scriptures
 Tragedy of the Reformation by Bob and Penny Lord
 Happy are You Poor by Father Thomas Dubay Plan your life to end up in heaven.
 Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism  $10.17 Scott & Kimberly Hahn: Conversion from an anti-Catholic Presbyterian Minister.
 Life of St Catherine of Siena | St Catherine of Genoa (Purgatory) - (PDF)  |  The Life of Saint Faustina
 Choosing a Catholic College $19.95  Cardinal Newman Society
 Didache Series: History of the Church Student Book  |  Understanding the Mystery of the Mass: by Fr. Matthew Buettner
 Saint John Bosco's Dream Vision of Hell  | Sister Faustina's Vision of Hell
 Video: HELL by Bill Wiese (1hr 13 min)
 Video: Hell Mary K. Baxter (26 min)
 Video: Dr. Gloria Polo (1hr 37 min)
 Video: Atheist Howard Storm "My decent into Hell" (1hr 50 min) 
 Video: Atheist Dies and Meets Jesus ( 2 parts 10 min each)
 Video: Priest Scheier Condemned to Hell by Jesus (3 min 28 sec)  | Interview with Mother Angelica
 Video: Shawn Weed's Trip to Hell (1hr 4 min)
 Fr. Ripperger Talk on Exorcism 1 hr. 21 min 
 Video: The Real Story of Exorcism and Exorcists (Full Documentary 42 min)  | Religious Demonology Web Site by Adam C. Blai, M.S.
 Demonologist Interview 2 hrs
 Ed and Lorraine Warren   |   John Zaffis