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 Window 10 Backup & Restore              ---         Third Party Backup & Restore (AOMEI Backupper) Video

 Kim Komando - Computer Expert with weekend Radio Show

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 Short Cut & Speed Tricks.pdf Keyboard and other computer shortcuts.

 Uninstaller Windows Installer comes up at the oddest times? Download & run MS Installer Cleanup Utility

 Uninstaller My Uninstaller Recommended by Kim Komando.

 Autoplay Repair Wizard Scan, find, and fix defective Autoplay settings in removable devices.

 Windows Media Player Library Fix Duplicate songs and some that do not work.

 Windows Media Player Steaming Errors Error example "http:" or "rtsp:"

 Windows Media Player 9 Troubleshooting

 CD Burning Right Click / Send To does not work. Right click CD / Properties / Recording / Enable CD Recording ...

 Registry Cleaner Download / Double click / Burn to CD / Use as Boot Disk

 Boot Manager Easy Boot Manager (zBoot Manager) v2.11c

 Blue Screen Crashes $39 SPK Single PC Edition tells you what crashed your Windows PC

 Desktop Icon - Restore (Free)  Restore missing desktop icon to system tray.
 MS Config  Win95 & 2000 Must download program.
 System Tray Delete.pdf  15 System Tray Icons you can dump. (PC World Oct 2004)
 CD Recovery Tool $49 - Recover data from bombed CD or DVD - Cop Forensic Tool
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 See Password $19.99     View Password Free ****** = 2q5k%          
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 Get your computer tested on line at PC Pit Stop*

 Computer Temperature Monitor Tool (Software)

 Gauge the case interior temperature. Drive problems if temp > 90° F or 35° C

 Restoration Software (Free) Restore deleted files "after Empty Trash".

 Delete Software - Sure Delete (Free) Make sure empty Trash means "Empty Trash".

"Safely remove…." icon
Every once in a while on my laptop, the "Safely remove…." icon for USB devices would not appear after pluggin in a USB device. This was frustrating the heck out of me until I found the command to "restart" the .dll that controls the function.
- On your desktop, create a new shortcut.
- Paste the following command into the "location of item" box           %windir%\system32\RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

- Name the shortcut "Safely Remove USB Hardware" & Save it.
You can find a nice icon for the new shortcut in  "%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll"

Outlook Cannot Open

Windows Vista and Windows 7 
Start-> type; outlook.exe /resetnavpane
Windows XP 
Start-> Run; outlook.exe /resetnavpane
Outlook Setup  Port 110 Port 25, 465, 587.
My outgoing SMTP server requires authentication. (checked)


The End