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Must Watch: Science of Fasting (56 min)

Must Read: The Complete Guide to Fasting by Dr. Jason Fung

Must Watch: How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally by Dr. Jason Fung (35 min)

  1. Dr. Berg Intro: Does He See Clients Anymore? (2:29)

  2. What I Would Eat if I had Diabetes? (7:37)

  3. What is Ketosis? Dr. Berg (5:10)

  4. Keto and Intermittent Fasting: the Big Overview for Beginners Dr. Berg (10:36)

  5. How Much Salad Should I Eat To Lose Weight? Dr. Berg (7:13)

  6. The REAL Reason Apple Cider Vinegar Works for Losing Weight Dr. Berg (12:38)

  7. Keto Snobs: Cheap Keto: Doing The Best You Can Is Just Fine! Dr. Ken Berry (7:28)

  8. Acceptable Liquids with Intermittent Fasting Dr. Berg (7:21)

  9. Protein to Fat Ratio on a Keto and Intermittent Fasting Plan Dr. Berg (3:37)

  10. Key Foods on a Ketogenic Diet Dr. Berg (4:44)

  11. Rid the Loose Flabby Skin! Dr. Berg (7:32)

  12. Important Tips on Reading Labels Dr. Berg (9:29)

  13. The Amazing Benefits of Nutritional Yeast Dr. Berg (3:10)

  14. Water: The Drink 8 Glasses Water Per Day Big Fat Lie! Dr. Berg (4:54)

  15. Water: Drink This Much Water to Lose Weight... Dr. Ken Berry (5:17) 

  16. Understanding Protein in Relationship to Fat Burning Dr. Berg (16.32)

  17. Use Your Eyes to Find Out Nutritional Deficiencies Dr. Berg (3:28)

  18. Good Fats & Bad Fats Dr. Berg (4:50)

  19. Can I Drink Alcohol on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)? Dr. Berg (1:52)

  20. How to Drink Alcohol and Still Lose Weight - Is it Possible? Dr. Berg (2:58)

  21. The Dangers of Fasting Longer than 24 Hours Dr. Berg (2:26)

  22. Keto (Ketosis) STOPPED Working? Dr. Berg (10:18)

  23. Key Foods on a Ketogenic Diet Dr. Berg (4:44)

  24. Fatigued on the Ketosis Diet? Here's What to Do! Dr. Berg (2:30)

  25. Can't Stick to Healthy Eating? DO THIS! Dr. Berg (5:23)

  26. I Can't Do Low Carbs Because I Love Food Too Much! Dr. Berg (3:45)

  27. The Pain of Pleasure Foods Dr. Berg (15:14)

  28. Understanding Alternative Sweeteners (Sugar) Dr. Berg (7:53)    How to make Powdered Sugar (1:56)

  29. Ketosis and Sugar Alcohol Sweeteners Dr. Berg (2:14)

  30. Why Lotion Never Fixes Dry Cracked Feet & Heels Dr. Berg (3:22)

  31. The Sodium Myth & Why We Need It! Dr. Berg (6:11)

  32. An APPLE a Day Will NOT Let Your Weight Go Away Dr. Berg (1:57)

  33. What Is a Normal Blood Sugar Level? Dr. Berg (2:57)

  34. How to Get Rid of Acne Fast Dr. Berg (11:24)

  35. Heal Your Acne For GOOD! Dr. Berg (10:49)

  36. Eat Button Mushrooms to Boost Testosterone Dr. Berg (1:44)

  37. The Top Nutrients in Mushrooms Dr. Berg (2:01)

  38. The Benefits of the Maitake Mushroom Dr. Berg (1:33)

  39. The Highest Vitamin C Food... on the Planet Dr. Berg (2:01)

  40. Why Short-Term Liver & Gallbladder Detox Cleanses are a Waste of Time Dr. Berg (3:34)

Dr. Berg Recipes...

Amazing Chocolate Seed Treat! Dr. Berg (4:59)

The Healthiest Pizza in the World: PART 2 Dr. Berg (4:20)The Healthiest Pizza in the World: PART 2 Dr. Berg (4:20)

The Science Behind No Churn Ice Cream (4:38) Substitute Xylitol for sugar

How to make Mascarpone Cheese (3:25)

KETO Mousse Recipe (0:55)

No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream (3:00) Substitute Xylitol for sugar

How to Make Sugar Free Marshmallows (0:52)

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Ordering Keto at a Restaurant....

Cruciferous: relating to plants of the cabbage family EX: Arugula, Bok Choy, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collard Greens, Kale.